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MEDIA RELEASE - TWU Condemns Cruel Liberal Cuts to Adelaide Metro Bus Services

January 08, 2019

Tuesday 8 January 2018


TWU Condemns Cruel Liberal Cuts to Adelaide Metro Bus Services

The Transport Workers’ Union SA/NT Branch condemns the callous decision made by the State Liberal Government to cut more than 720 individual services and reduce more than 450 services across the Adelaide Metro bus network.

The TWU warns that the State Liberal Government’s decision to slash existing bus routes from January 27 will have serious consequences for both bus drivers and commuters. These cuts may result in job losses, reductions in existing hours worked and are an attack on the workplace security of hardworking bus drivers serving the community.

“The recent analysis of the Liberal Government’s cuts to Adelaide Metro services has confirmed the worst fears of our members. More than 1170 services each week now face the chopping block. We are deeply concerned that the reduction in services will give the private companies contracted to staff the Adelaide Metro network no alternative but to cut bus drivers’ jobs and hours. Many of our members are worried about whether they will have a job come the end of January as the two main bus companies will have a surplus of employees for the routes they will be servicing,” said TWU SA/NT Branch Official Matt Burnell.

“Sadly, this is to be expected from a Liberal State Government with an appalling record when it comes to public transport. Our members have not forgotten that the Liberal Government were responsible for the privatisation of Adelaide Metro bus services in 2000. Minister Knoll is responsible for the farcical scenes over the summer holiday period where commuters were faced with delays and overcrowded buses,” Mr Burnell stated.

“This is just a sign of things to come as the Liberals continue with their slash and burn approach to public transport with $46 million of cuts provided for in the State Budget. It is particularly outrageous that while making these cuts, Minister Knoll has been more than willing to stump up $42 million for a loan to build a hotel at Adelaide Oval that no one wants or needs. The Liberals have made clear that they would prefer to help their mates in the top end of town rather than the everyday commuters who rely on the services of our members.”

“We are calling on Minister Knoll to get serious about public transport in Adelaide and make investments in the long term viability of the network rather than cutting vital services. A well run and accessible public transport system is a right that all South Australians should enjoy. These cuts will deliver nothing but pain for commuters and bus drivers alike,” continued Mr Burnell.

“The Minister must listen to bus drivers and the travelling public who rely on these services each day. The State Government ought to come to the table and talk to bus drivers about the real issues they face every day behind the wheel,” Mr Burnell said.

For further information or to arrange a media interview, please contact Matt Burnell, TWU SA/NT Branch Official, 8346 4177.