Gig Economy


August 30, 2019


Deliveroo riders in Geelong will go on strike at 6pm today to protest against savage cuts to delivery rates which have left many struggling.

Riders will gather at 6pm at Boss Burger in Geelong West after logging off the Deliveroo app during designated shifts. They will leaflet other riders and members of the public with information about how the company pays just $6 per delivery. 

The strike action follows the announcement this week of legal action by the TWU and a delivery rider over gross underpayment. Riders gathered in Canberra on Wednesday as the details of the wage theft case were announced. 

“Delivery riders are coming together and standing up to demand rights. Deliveroo is continually stripping away their ability to earn wages to support themselves and their families through unilateral changes on the app and savage rate cuts. The company tries to hide behind the buzz word of ‘flexibility’ but the reality is the work isn’t flexible and is simply badly paid. Riders want to be paid for the time they work and they want guaranteed minimum rates,” said TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine.

Deliveroo has made several changes which have affected pay for riders. It has removed guarantee pay, slashed delivery rates, lengthened delivery distances and removed customer addresses from delivery jobs before they are accepted, which means riders can’t tell how long the delivery will take to carry out. Deliveroo also operates a priority system for shifts, which forces riders to work long hours and at weekends and evenings.

The TWU won a case last year against Foodora, which has since exited Australia. Foodora was forced to pay back underpaid wages and superannuation to its riders, in a $3 million settlement.

“Riders are kept in a desperate scramble to get good shifts so they can earn decent rates and this is putting enormous pressure on them. There are riders with children to support who can’t even take one day off because it would mean having their shifts cut back. It is the modern equivalent of the hungry mile and the Federal Government is standing by allowing it to happen. After our win against Foodora last year we should by now have legislation in place to stamp out this exploitation. Instead all we have from the Federal Government is silence,” Kaine added.